About adri

Adri is an intuitive artist and healer. She believes that we are all naturally born with special gifts to create and share in the world.

In 2015, she was introduced to Reiki and has since been a student to subtle energy and has completed her Reiki Master training.

The teachings of Reiki have given her access to understand and nurture her intuition. It has given her the ability to see deeper, into the more subtle layers of life, connecting flow and art with source or the universe. Art has given her the practice to connect her intuition and has allowed her to strengthen her sensitive abilities.

Her goal is to empower others with tools to listen to their inner guidance and authentic selves. Awakening self doubt, blocked trauma and giving the space to learn from yourself can be our biggest teacher. Getting past blocks allows us to make space to feel freedom in our bodies and in our expression.

Her passion is to work with self identified women to dismantle ingrained systemic beliefs. As a woman of colour with her own history of abuse, she has a deep understanding of the process of trauma to empowerment. Healing takes dedication and a series of gentle awakenings. She is known to guide and offer space in pins of resistance.

She believes that once we tap into our intuition, be begin to understand true connection to life. Creativity allows us to be present in every moment of our lives. We can design everything, and when everything is done with love, that feeling circles back to us.

It then allows us to dismantle self doubt, shame and sadness. When we believe that we are connected to each other and the world around us, it gives us the compassion and support to do what our Spirit truly wants for ourselves.

This allows us to do whatever we want in life. To rid of labels and to create freely with the connection and guidance to what makes our inner selves be happy.