What is Reiki


Reiki is a healing technique that allows us to understand the source of energy in the physical body and in all living things.

Reiki offers guidance to subtle connections. It offers us awareness to the space in between moments and the energy that moves or lives within us.

Source, God or the Divine talks to our intuition, who speaks to our energetic self, which is felt in our cells and therefor physical body, which our brain chooses to listen to or not. Access to understanding this subtle conversation of our energetic body allows us to hear the truth our soul and spirit are asking for. The choice of believing and seeing this what can give us the tools to navigate from a true sense of self, finding what some people call “purpose” - I call it freedom.

When Reiki is applied to healing, it can offer an embodied understanding of the energy that lives within us. This can help move and heal the emotional or physical body.

Read about my mysterious experience with messages from my intuition.

It is the gateway to intricate understanding, compassion and intuition. My experience and curiosity has allowed me to live in the world as an observer of love, potential, healing and complete awe of invisible messages that are constantly around us.

Want to experience the powerful benefits of Reiki? Let’s explore together.