Connecting Art & Intuition


It is said that art is healing.

I believe that this is true, along with the idea that art can connect to a part of us that we don’t listen to often. What happens when we let go of outcome?

Creating art can be intimidating. For many, putting colour to canvas or paper means being committed to being judged on an outcome.

I see art differently. Colour, art and creativity is a way to connect to something within looking to be expressed.

It is a way to connect to source, and tap into our intuition where we can find messages, expression and true connection to our energy within.

I’ve been exploring art with my intuition for the past year and I’ve began to experience connection in an interesting way. Life is a series of creativity. If we truly become present with every moment, we can be creative with every minute we experience.

When letting go of art being about the outcome, it becomes a source of meditation and intuition. It is a way to let go of the busy mind, and tap into the expression from within.

It is a direct source of the intuitive muscle.

I am launching art + intuition workshops in late 2019, make sure to sign up to my list to know more

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