Your Words


Some kind words from some humans I’ve had the pleasure to explore intuition and energy with.



“I have had 3 intuitive reiki energy portrait sessions with Adri in the past year (2018/19). I feel the guidance and healing she has given me. She has empowered me with sessions and has helped me with clarity and tools to move forward gracefully. Each session, I’ve left with absolutely beautiful art portrait depicting my energy. I highly recommend Adri to anyone looking for self development, guidance, clarity and healing. She is kind, intuitive and gifted, I look forward to continuing my work with her.” -Stephanie Oswald


“I have had a few sessions with Adri, where she offers a safe space to express and receive energy. She allows me to dig deep and realize my potential, understand where I need work. Since I’ve had a couple of intuitive portraits done, I have been able to track my progress, which has been very liberating and exciting for me. More and more, I am learning to fully trust my body and my intuition, which at times is hard but in the end, she always knows the way. It’s lovely to know I have a support system within myself. “

- Jenn Tiles


“Adriana is a brilliant artist and insightful intuitive. I have had the pleasure of participating in her intuitive portrait sessions, I love the visual aspect of exploring my energy field and the events of my life. She is kind and supportive as she shares her insights which give me quite a bit to reflect on and gives shape to thing unspoken and unconscious. Her work texturizes and gives an added dimension to my spiritual practice. I get a reading from her once a season, and have for a few, and will continue to do so as long as she is willing. I look forwards to amassing the beautiful portraits as a map of my unfolding.” -Erica Otto

Adriana Koc-Spadar