How my Art Predicted my Healing

My body tells the truth, my art is my psychic.

In 2017, I felt compelled to paint a figure, a shape that I was craving to make with my own physical body.


I painted this figure dozens of times, connecting to the shape, and drawing it over and over.


While painting them, it felt satisfying to express a figure exposing her neck. I never felt tired of the shape, interpreting it over and over again.

As I started to realize this pattern and using reiki self healing, I began to explore the attention my own throat was asking for. As my awareness grew around the themes of the throat and throat chakra, I also became aware of my physical neck and a strange discomfort with swallowing. After tests, the discovery was a lump on my thyroid.

The physical healing with medical doctors was a long yearly process which resulted in physical and emotional turbulence. Without simplifying the impact of what I went through, I am currently healthy and happy to have healed from a surgery and working on balancing my wellness.

(Along with the gratitude of modern medicine) the biggest mystery and amazement is how my self expression and subtle self sent me messages through my own art.

This experience has been one of the biggest catalysts of my exploration with art and intuition. I believe that creativity is a direct link to our guides, our true self and access to our self healing towards more joy. When we let go and feel the freedom of what wants to come through, so much magic and mystery comes through.

I am in awe of myself, mostly the subconscious intuitive parts of myself that I continue to explore through self expression, art and creativity.

Adriana Koc-Spadar